Friday, July 18, 2008

The crew has returned from fishing in remote and rugged Alaska! We had a good season and, as might be expected, enjoyed some classic moments together. The weather was wicked and wonderful! We experienced significant gales and swells.

These are a few of the cabins on our beach. Appliances are powered by either generator, propane or solar. The water comes from a spring on the bluff behind the cabins.

This is our cabin a hundred feet behind the the grey cabin shown above.

Hanging a new net inside our cabin.

An evening on the beach.

Rugged homies chillin' in a slew off the bay.

Midnight Sunset

Capt. Brent bringing us home after a day on the water.

Myself (left) and Ian (right) are attempting to pull the net over the bow.

We were successful after some strategical repositioning.

Taking a break in the bow.

It was great, difficult and beautiful! For most of the season Brent, Ian and I worked together. Towards the end the captains shifted strategies and the workforce of six split into 3 crews. Brent and I worked together and pulled some profitable and grueling shifts including a 30 hour hour shift.... 4 hours of sleep and then 20 hours and so on. We were commissioned to work a site across the bay and had no one to switch out with.

We enjoyed occasional downtime on the boat, and were forced to become progressively more creative with our entertainment. During slow days we had tea time, and we would set times for consumption of our sandwiches. In this way we were able to experience slight anticipation.
Then of course there was actual fishing. During one 30 hour period we caught over 10,000 pounds of fish. Thats a lot of fish and work!

Me, braving the elements.

It was a glorious month! Try it sometime.

As I predicted, the boat engine stalled as the propeller ground through the body of the dead Baluga. Filming was suspended in order to move away from the horrible stench of the carcass in a timely manner.

Monday, March 3, 2008

He's home!

It was dusk when he walked up the front steps. I was on the porch recliner and still waking up when he asked (with his helmet on) " Is this The Goodness Collective?" I told him it was, and suspected that a housemate had invited a couch surfer. "Who are you? " I asked. He removed his helmet with a flourish, revealing his signature, beautiful blonde dreads.

Brent is home!!! He rode from Vegas on a 750 Honda Nighthawk steed.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I was begining to get a bit worried after being in Nepal for a week with out having seen a clear view of the mountains. However my fears were laid to rest.

I'm not gonna lie the last two post brought tears to my eyes (especialy the potty thoughts comment). You guys can't be sending anymore posts like that, otherwise I might be home sooner then expected. Thank you Steve for the amazing picture you brought to my heart.

So I figure there aren't to many places back home where I can get a stright razor shave for 15 cents so I thought I'd give it a shot here. Not to worry I am still hairy as ever I just got a bit of a trim job and neck shave.
I love you all and I am thinking about the snuggle puddle that you might be in right now at the GC wishing I was there.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thinking of you from Katmandu

Namaste Friends and Fam,

I made a quick move striaght up to Nepal. I went from beautiful beaches packed with pasty tourists, to the cold mountainous air of the Himalaya. I am currently staying in an apartment in Katmandu that Dylan and Cheri have rented for a couple months.

It's been nearly a year since I have been in cold weather, and the mountains and chill bring a familar feeling, certainly reminds me of being back in Bend. I gave away my shoes back in Israel so my toes are a bit cold, I might need to remedy that soon and buy some more clothes as well.

Much Love as always,


Monday, February 11, 2008

Holy Cow!!!

I was walking on the beach and something caught my eye, there she was lying on the beach naked as ever for all to see, I had to get a picture to remember this sexy sun bathing beach beauty.

Ashley and I have parted ways, and I worked my way over to the West Coast state of Goa. I have met up with a friend of a friend who is running a coffee shop here. I think I am going to help him out a bit, and crash in the coffee hut at night, at least for a few days. I think I will head north before to much longer and meet up with Dylan, Sherri and Ritter in Nepal.

Things are going great, much love as always


Monday, January 28, 2008

Overseas GC Connections

So I showed up in Mumbai about a week and a half ago. I knew that Ashley (for those who don't know Ashley is a friend from Bend who also is traveling in India) was going to be flying in two days later. So I tried to meet her at the airport but somehow we missed each other, then for the next two days I was trying to connect with her but emails got delayed and we were having a hard time meeting up. I was getting a bit frustrated because I really didn't want to spend that long in a big city (population of nearly 13 million). So I was walking down a street right at dusk, wondering if I should forget about meeting Ashley and just continue with my traveling. As I am crossing the street guess who is on the other side smiling at me...yep straight from Bend Oregon to the streets of Mumbai Ashley Stone. Turns out we weren't even staying on the same side of town, she had met some new friends and was just going for a walk around the city.

We both had in mind to go check out a place called Auroville in Southern India. We are currently staying at a Botanical Garden/ Seed Farm, volunteering in exchange for a grass hut to stay in.

Ashley adds that she misses everyone terribly and loves you all greatly.

Much Love,
Brent and Ashley

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sunsets Temples and Scooters

Hello Family... Just wanted to check in and say that all is well from SE Asia. My time here is running out however I fly to India in less then a week, soon to be meeting up with Ashley. Latly my life has consisted of exploring temples and beaches.

To anwser your question Travis. I actually brought in the new year at a local Cambodian club in Phnom Phen. I met an French NGO worker and we cruised around the city to find the most exciting looking place to bring in the new year. We wanted to experience a Cambodian New Year celebration so we stayed away from the foriegner spots. At first I couldn't figure why the place felt a bit different. Everyone was super friendly and touchy feely, which is not like anywhere I have been in SE Asia, most local people don't really touch each other at all when in public. I thought this is cool its just like being back at the GC (kind of). Then we went to the dance floor and things got really interesting really fast. Turns out it was nearly all Cambodian men. We later find out that the club is a very well known gay pick up bar. And yes Alyssa, I did get a new years kiss but just one and it was just on the cheek(from the NGO girl).

Thanks for the post from home. Its always good to hear about quality gatherings coming from the home base. Of course I would expect nothing less coming out of the GC. Rachael I wish I could have been there to see you off, Blessings from Thailand.

Much Love as always,