Monday, June 21, 2010

What's next?

Based on past studies and previous international trainings and experiences I applied for and was offered an internship position with a non-profit humanitarian organization. Since being in Portland finishing my studies I have also been preparing and training for the position, which will take me to Peru with the organization MEJORC. I am being sent with another intern to a small village in rural Peru for the next six months. We will be working with a team of middle/high school age kids. The idea is to support the youth team in projects that they want to implement, projects that are designed to benefit their community.

I feel like this trip will be very different from other previous trips. Over the past two years at PSU I have focused on international development, I have taken courses that relate to Latin America, global water issues, peace and conflict studies, international policy and many other applicable social sciences. My hope is that I will be able to apply my formal classroom learning to humanitarian aid work in the field.

Over the next 6 months I will have limited access to the internet however I will be posting the progress of the projects that I will be involved on this blog as well as more detailed posts on the MEJORC blog. Please share thoughts and ideas about this and any future posts over the next few months.

Much Love

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A quick look back

After leaving my good friend Jon Begin in Mexico (as described in my last post)at the end of April I headed to the Island of Oahu, Hawaii where I spent the better part of the month of May surfing and exploring beaches and jungles while deepening my relationship with my newly wed sister Alyssa, and her husband Jed. Then I returned to Portland where I finished up all of my degree requirements at PSU. That’s right after 8 years of travel, work, play, volunteering, and study I am now a University Graduate. Someone told me “don’t worry about it there are plenty of people who go to 8 or more years of university” the only difference is those people are usually called doctors and lawyers.

Alyssa and I share a rich and beautiful sibling connection. When we spend time together there are always dynamic, funny, and adventurous experiences as well as challenging and insightful conversations.

I was very grateful to have some quality time with the newest member of my family. Jed is heading to Iraq for the next year while Alyssa will continue to dive into her community in Hawaii

Snorkeling on the North Shore

Just after this photo was taken a huge pod of dolphins came into the bay, not more then a few hundred feet off shore from where we were swimming

While in Portland I spent some quality time in Hood River Connecting with my soul mates Colin Franger and Kristin Hamilton. The two are living life to it's fullest, they just returned from 8 months of sailing, kiting, and surfing in Mexico. Colin and I started a tasty batch of home brew.

I also headed up to Olympia to celebrate my good friend Steve Fisher's Graduation. Jon Begin also made it up back up to the northwest from his time in Mexico