Monday, January 28, 2008

Overseas GC Connections

So I showed up in Mumbai about a week and a half ago. I knew that Ashley (for those who don't know Ashley is a friend from Bend who also is traveling in India) was going to be flying in two days later. So I tried to meet her at the airport but somehow we missed each other, then for the next two days I was trying to connect with her but emails got delayed and we were having a hard time meeting up. I was getting a bit frustrated because I really didn't want to spend that long in a big city (population of nearly 13 million). So I was walking down a street right at dusk, wondering if I should forget about meeting Ashley and just continue with my traveling. As I am crossing the street guess who is on the other side smiling at me...yep straight from Bend Oregon to the streets of Mumbai Ashley Stone. Turns out we weren't even staying on the same side of town, she had met some new friends and was just going for a walk around the city.

We both had in mind to go check out a place called Auroville in Southern India. We are currently staying at a Botanical Garden/ Seed Farm, volunteering in exchange for a grass hut to stay in.

Ashley adds that she misses everyone terribly and loves you all greatly.

Much Love,
Brent and Ashley


  1. We are glad to see that your epic continues... a bit confused though, if your life is so great why are you sticking your head in the oven??! Cheer up man! Looking forward to more posts and our next meeting in person. mark

  2. Bretnski,
    I don't know how else to contact you, but I am flying to Bangalore TODAY. I will arrive february first. I'm staying in Mysore for 2 months, busy like a tweeker beaver. email me at or go to my blog ( and leave me a comment. I can't promise the serendipity you had meeting up with Ash, and I'm not neerly so cute, but brother we will have a good time somehow. Be well sir, much love

  3. Breefonica in B major!February 5, 2008 at 1:06 PM

    Of course in a sea of trees and salt magnetism has a way of bringing those who Rock together!!Love you both bunches so happy you found eachother and are now kickin it to some serious tunes emanating from your know the good beats!!! Much love from way down south!!! xoxoxoxox