Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thinking of you from Katmandu

Namaste Friends and Fam,

I made a quick move striaght up to Nepal. I went from beautiful beaches packed with pasty tourists, to the cold mountainous air of the Himalaya. I am currently staying in an apartment in Katmandu that Dylan and Cheri have rented for a couple months.

It's been nearly a year since I have been in cold weather, and the mountains and chill bring a familar feeling, certainly reminds me of being back in Bend. I gave away my shoes back in Israel so my toes are a bit cold, I might need to remedy that soon and buy some more clothes as well.

Much Love as always,



  1. Love you dawg. Nice face shot! -Pescado

    I'm hoping you get back in time to ski with us

    Get some new shoes you dirty hippie. I like my testicles... you better follow through. -Frang-

  2. Hope you warm up the north country before I get there. I'll be in Kashmir come late spring I hope. Sorry Mysore wasn't on your to do list brother, but keep posting and if you're still in the Himalaya in a month or so maybe I'll come to you! Take care of yourself friend- I think you can spare some rupees for shoes and a sweater. Cheers, Ethan