Friday, July 18, 2008

The crew has returned from fishing in remote and rugged Alaska! We had a good season and, as might be expected, enjoyed some classic moments together. The weather was wicked and wonderful! We experienced significant gales and swells.

These are a few of the cabins on our beach. Appliances are powered by either generator, propane or solar. The water comes from a spring on the bluff behind the cabins.

This is our cabin a hundred feet behind the the grey cabin shown above.

Hanging a new net inside our cabin.

An evening on the beach.

Rugged homies chillin' in a slew off the bay.

Midnight Sunset

Capt. Brent bringing us home after a day on the water.

Myself (left) and Ian (right) are attempting to pull the net over the bow.

We were successful after some strategical repositioning.

Taking a break in the bow.

It was great, difficult and beautiful! For most of the season Brent, Ian and I worked together. Towards the end the captains shifted strategies and the workforce of six split into 3 crews. Brent and I worked together and pulled some profitable and grueling shifts including a 30 hour hour shift.... 4 hours of sleep and then 20 hours and so on. We were commissioned to work a site across the bay and had no one to switch out with.

We enjoyed occasional downtime on the boat, and were forced to become progressively more creative with our entertainment. During slow days we had tea time, and we would set times for consumption of our sandwiches. In this way we were able to experience slight anticipation.
Then of course there was actual fishing. During one 30 hour period we caught over 10,000 pounds of fish. Thats a lot of fish and work!

Me, braving the elements.

It was a glorious month! Try it sometime.

As I predicted, the boat engine stalled as the propeller ground through the body of the dead Baluga. Filming was suspended in order to move away from the horrible stench of the carcass in a timely manner.

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  1. i loved seeing what it's like to be a fisherman in alaska. thanks guys keep up the good life.