Monday, December 10, 2007

No Snow Here

Ahhhh, It's quite pleasant in the North. I jumped on a bus and came all the way up to a town called Pai. Upon arrival I decided to get outside of the town and look for some where I could pitch my tent. As I was walking past a house next to a rice field an english women (Sara) came out and started a conversation with me. Eventually she offered her yard to me and later gave me access to her home as well. Turns out there is quite and large community of foriegners who have taken residence in this area. Through Sara and other people I have met many of the guest house owners, hotspring managers and various other people involved in the


I've gotten some pretty sweet tips on hidden water falls, villages, and hotsprings in the area. Sara is also hosting a meditation group that I have been invovled in. There is even a posibility of house sitting for someone else for a while.

I'm stoked for the upcoming GC event I hope to hear all the deets and see the photos.

Allan you are a stud I can't wait to be reunited with you to share stories.
Trav make sure and give my love to the guest of honor.
Love Always,


  1. Thanks for the updates... Its always great to get word that you are alive, well, Happy and Content! What is your plan of arrival back to the states?
    Love- Tonya

  2. Breefonica in B MajorDecember 13, 2007 at 9:58 AM

    Best of Love to you Brent...I hope flowers spring from your steps and the mood is loghyt and joyful all around were missed, at the Edgefield...we could always use another trouble maker!!!
    Love Bri XOXoxoxoxoxoXOX