Sunday, November 25, 2007

This weeks adventures of Egyptian Pyramids/Jordanian Rock Cities/ Sinian Snorkeling/ Bedouin Villages/ Red Sea Camels/ Israel Fortress Goodness

I have had very busy conclusion to my time in the Middle East. Now I am prepare to get on a flight to Thailand to chill out for a while I need a bit of a vacation so my plane is leaving tommorrow morning. I am in a bit of conflict right now I have been in contact with so many great people travelers and locals and I feel like there are still many beautiful places to see in Israel, it would be very easy for me to stay here a while longer, but then again Thailand is sounding pretty good to me as well I hear the beaches are great along with some sweet islands, cliffs and jungles ( not to mention the other surrounding countries). But you know these are the kind of struggles that a person faces when traveling. I want you all to know that despite me being in this very difficult situation (trying to decide which incredible place I should spend my time) I'm going to work it out and it is going to be ok. Its not an easy job but somebodies got to do it. I don't want anyone to feel bad for me because after I was the one that put myself in this situation. Just keep me in your thoughts, and if anyone feels the need to come over here and help me out in my efforts I would gladly welcome the support.

Much Love,


  1. O the joys and

    troubles of traveling.

  2. You know if you blow up that snorkeling pic it looks like you have a new addition of body art! Yes! No. Maybe so?

  3. Yes- definately like the body art...
    We miss you! Glad to hear your having a great time! I must say- it sounds pretty rough...

    Love- Tonya