Monday, June 21, 2010

What's next?

Based on past studies and previous international trainings and experiences I applied for and was offered an internship position with a non-profit humanitarian organization. Since being in Portland finishing my studies I have also been preparing and training for the position, which will take me to Peru with the organization MEJORC. I am being sent with another intern to a small village in rural Peru for the next six months. We will be working with a team of middle/high school age kids. The idea is to support the youth team in projects that they want to implement, projects that are designed to benefit their community.

I feel like this trip will be very different from other previous trips. Over the past two years at PSU I have focused on international development, I have taken courses that relate to Latin America, global water issues, peace and conflict studies, international policy and many other applicable social sciences. My hope is that I will be able to apply my formal classroom learning to humanitarian aid work in the field.

Over the next 6 months I will have limited access to the internet however I will be posting the progress of the projects that I will be involved on this blog as well as more detailed posts on the MEJORC blog. Please share thoughts and ideas about this and any future posts over the next few months.

Much Love


  1. Way to go Brent. Let us know if there is any way we can contribute.

  2. Awesome Video! Very cool all that stuff, sounds like you are going prepared. I'm praying for ya.

  3. Hey Brent! It was so great being able to talk with you on the phone before you left and to now be able to follow you through this site. You're right, it was super easy to figure out! ha ha, I can be pathetic sometimes when it comes to computer stuff. Anyway, I loved your video, you did a really thorough job explaining to all of us what you'll be doing. I loved your demonstration of the items you'll be working with over there. Hope your first couple weeks have been going well. As I was watching your video Ella said, that's Uncle Brent, I like Uncle Brent, pretty cute, love you, Adria