Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Latest

It’s been a while since my last post nearly 4 months in fact. From Ecuador Cassie and I headed back to Portland to continue our educations at Portland State. I took a term in Portland but got antsy pretty quick and decided to head south again. I am currently taking classes online to finish out my degree focused on International Development. After 8 years of on and off university study I graduate in June!

I am currently writing from Guadalajara, Mexico. I have been in Mexico for a couple of weeks so far. I've been hanging out with my good friends Jon Begin and Stephen Fisher. I am taking classes online and will finish my degree in June.

I flew into Puerto Vallarta, with the following instructions from Steve. “Get on a bus or hitch to a little town north of Puerto called San Pancho. When you get to the town go to the beach and take a left. Go past a lagoon watch out for the alligators (literally) and just past a small-forested area, look for a gray tent near some coconut trees.”

So that’s what I did and this is what I found:

Within a couple of hours our good friend Jon Begin followed the same instructions and found us sipping on coconut milk. Then We went fishing.

And collected more coconuts via Jon Begin

After a few days surfing and chill’n on the beach we headed to Guadalajara to check out what Steve has been doing the last few months.

It worked out for me to be here on Steve’s birthday so naturally we threw a steller rooftop party complete with a Pinata, Salsa music and mixed drinks from fresh coconuts, pinapples, mangos and limes.

I tried my hand at Salsa, apparently it was more humorous then anything
I was a little smoother as the night went on

I have been very happy to get a bit more insight into the work that Steve has been doing addressing water pollution issues here in Mexico. I have shadowed him on a couple of different interviews and workshops. We have been to a few areas in which sewage and chemically polluted water canals and rivers flow right through neighborhoods. This is an intense issue that will not go away without concentrated efforts by people like the ones that Steve has introduced me to.

Much Love thanks for taking the time to here my update.

Brent James


  1. awesome dude. it looks like you're having fun. keep it up.
    Tyler King

  2. Great times! Thanks for the update. BTW- love the coconut beach, we visited there a few times this winter while staying in Sayulita. Mark got chased by a badger like creature on that beach as well. LOL.

  3. Dude,

    Sweet blog! Seriously.

    You make me look good with that surf board.