Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finca Vida

We found another farm to spend the remainder of our time at, and this one actually lives up to its name. There are a number of things going on here and projects happening. We have been learning about exotic fruit production, coffee harvesting, chocolate making, fish farming, and even guinea pig raising. We look forward to sharing more details in person.

For now we are headed back to the farm to process cocoa beans into chocolate for the local school kids for a Christmas gift from the farm.

Coffee Production

It's a lot easier to drink then to grow, harvest, husk, ferment, roast,and then process.

Today we hitched a ride into town with the daily milk truck. These little boys were having a good time dodging the milk jugs as we bounced along the dirt road.

We are experiencing the Ecuadorean countryside first hand, the other way we get in and out of the farm is on a Ranchero.

We spent about 4 days on the coast so I could finish up his final papers and exams. Not a bad way to spend finals week, with fresh exotic fruit on hand and swimming in the ocean for breaks. I'd say it was the most chill finals week of my university career.

We'll see many of you very soon,

Brent and Cassie

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