Sunday, October 21, 2007


So I was headed to Jerusalem and I found a girl through couch surfing who was studying Hebrew at the University. I went to her apartment and met a few of her roommates. After some short conversation I mentioned a was from Bend Oregon and a guy from the other room comes in and says my sister is from Bend. Turns out this guy Brett is the brother of my friend Beth in Bend(Beth Marino and her husband Chris Wolsko, I have spun fire with Beth). Just before I left Bend I was talking with Beth and Chris at Mikes block party, they were telling me that I needed to hook up with Beths Brother while I was in Isreal,I never got his contact info, but turns out it was meant to happen anyway. Ive been hanging out with Brett the last few days, and we went up to the Sea of Galilee over the weekend for a Couchsurfing Party on a private beach. I met about 60 travelers and people from all over Israel. Now have connection with people and couches to sleep on just about anywhere I want to go in Israel. It was a great gatehring there were all different kinds of languages happening the whole weekend and people trying to walk on the water. Now you might not here from me for a little while I will be going into the Negev Desert to a Rainbow gathering over the next week or two.

Blessings from The Land,


  1. Dude. That sounds amazing.

    It is amazing how if something is supposed to happen it will. It is almost as if there is something looking after you... Wow... trippy...

    I am glad to hear you hooked up with the Cs'ers. One of the best resources out there.

    peace... I am going to email you. i hope you get it before the gathering.

  2. Hi Brent, I went searching for your blog site and 'boom' first hit I found it. Cool. We will live vicariously through your travels! blessings, Tammie

  3. Brent,
    It's so wonderful to go to a strange place and find connections from back home. I know exactly how that feels. I am once again amazed at the connections that flow through the GC. You rock...

  4. Es muy rico la vida!

    I thought of you the other day when I was about to eco-wipe. Then it all went hell when I had to get up and walk around to find TP. Lets just say I wasn't as TP conscious as I could have been. I couldn't help it, it was an isolated circumstantial occurance. Actually I kinda lost my cool and ended going back to my old ways for the third and fourth swipe.

    -Here's to breaking old habits

    Big kiss to you!